The Art of Jabos


We Jabos make stuff. Writing, painting, constructing, singing, sewing, repairing, healing, winning volleyball championships, stuff like that. This section is intended to showcase some of our work, past and present, and function as an easy place to find and enjoy it.

Of course, there's links to some things that you'll already find elsewhere on the JaboWeb. Hopefully however, you all will send in more examples of your favorite work, and then this section will better reflect the diversity of the Art of Jabos.

Jude's Work, LINKED HERE Lou/Bill & Nelson Make a Little Free Library
Jake & Jude Create Agent 47 Jessica Helps LaCrosse Champions
Gabe Shows Us Around the Shipyard ~ coming …eventually! Lou/Bill Builds a TARDIS

Jessica Organizes a Tribute to her Teachers

Chris Treats Vets

Marion's Poetry

Marion's One Room Schools

Jan's Paintings, Drawings & More
James Resurrects a Fiddle The Anarres Globe
James Makes Waybread Monica Sings
James Makes an Evac Box Jake & His Dad Rebuild a Car
Dustin's Flag Project Nick Dances and Sings
Bill/Lou & Day's 'Peace Band' Roots LSJ -- Big Louie's Autobiography
"United For Peace"
graphic for downloading
Bill/Lou Makes Ice Luminarias
    NASCOWW: Bill/Lou, Day, Jude, James & Friends in a Senseless Act of Beauty
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