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Halloween, 2015. Jude writes:

Jake contacted me earlier this week and said he had a Halloween costume in mind that required a bald head and could I help him.  I referred him to the Mainstage Theater Supplies store downtown where he got the necessary bald head appliances (2), greasepaint & powder, spirit gum glue, and tools (makeup sponges, brushes, powder brush). In my college theater back ground I had done a lot makeup-wise but had never done a full bald head. (I'd done aging, scars, "wiping out" eyebrows, etc. Small stuff.) So I asked if we could do a test run the night before. Add to this that Jake had to be at work at Autozone at 7:15AM Halloween morning, and then had a shift at his manager job at Walmart's that afternoon. Then he planned to go out partying with his friends -- all in costume. So the timing for it all was very tight.

Bob & I drove out to Jake's apt in Menomonee Falls on Friday night where we met Jake who had just come home (at 8pm!) from work. The original idea, given the short time frame in the morning, was for me to show him how to do the application process using one of the bald head appliances so he could do it with the second one in the morning. It became quickly apparent that it was more involved than I remembered and more as a first time project than Jake felt he could take on successfully. So a plan was hatched...

Jake drove over to our Area 51 flat on Saturday morning, arriving at 4:45AM!  I had a big scrambled eggs & bacon & toast (with Earl Grey tea) ready for him. While he ate, I got things set up.  This video of professional artists pretty much shows what we did, with minor alterations as this was not for a stage production.


The 2 final touches for Jake's character -- who was a clone -- was that Agent 47 has blue eyes and a bar code tattooed on the back of his head. Jake had gotten blue contacts - which looked super (and really weird since we are used to seeing him with brown eyes!). The plan for printing out a copy of the bar code onto onion skin paper and then spirit-gumming it to his head didn't work when the printer could not handle the thin paper.

By this time Jake was running late for his job!  So I used the dark liner pencil that came with the makeup kit and, using a small pad of Post-Its as a ruler, hand-drew a bar code with the numbers onto his head, including Agent 47's number.

Needless to say, Jake and I had a lot of fun not just creating things but pulling it off in such a short time frame!

Jake's account of his Halloween Day:

Soooo, I went to Autozone in full costume. They thought it was cool. My district manager actually came in and I was a little worried that I'd be forced to take it off since Autozone takes things very seriously. He let me leave it on and I didn't really get any comments from any of the customers except one who thought I was a cancer patient....

Went over to Walmart and was greeted by laughter. About half the people working there thought I was someone from corporate, the other half was chuckling at my head. But by about 3 it calmed and I started getting a lot of customers recognizing who I was and saying that it was an awesome costume.

It was the bar code on the back that really made the costume. There were a lot of people that didn't get it until I turned and showed it to them. Unfortunately I did not really have a chance to keep up on the makeup and it had faded to a fair bit lighter than my skin. The latex also started stretching and wrinkling. I put another coat of paint on the cap and now it's close again.

All in all it was pretty fun. Now I have to top this next year.

Here are some images of the character Agent 47 from the video game Hitman.

Jake adds: I should also mention that Agent 47 is a clone of 5 of the world's most dangerous criminals and does jobs for the company that made him. Jess answered the phone once with "Agent 47" and gave me the idea through that.


And here is a Wikipedia article about Agent 47 (with another great image!)

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