United for Peace


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After the horror of September 11th, Bill/Lou and many others were dismayed (although not surprised) at the reaction of our county. We have been trying to find a way to express both our love for America and our conviction that we must search for other ways to respond than with violence.

Bill/Lou actually designed this graphic during the Gulf War, and all the kids painted it on a bedsheet with housepaint. We displayed it on the porch for years. Oma /Vic recalls that the impetus came "after a discussion in 1990 (pre-'politically correct'), with the young teenagers about the ability to be patriotic and want peace, [that] the two were not exclusive of each other."

These days you can get the graphic as a yardsign in Madison.

Malakhi didn't know the words to "We Shall Overcome", so when the singing started, he launched enthusiastically into "Insy-Binsy Spider". You go with what you know....

The sociable Malakhi flashes the peace sign to all passersby.

The next generation of peaceniks, a different march on a warm Summer day.

A view of New York City, taken from the Empire State Building on Gabe & Bill/Lou's trip there in June 2000


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