Waybread of The West

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James tried his hand at re-creating a special food mentioned in J.R.R. Tolkien's stories. Jim writes:

"The Tolkien reference to the waybread of the Dunedain tells of a story from Elessar, of how Isildur dies at the disaster of the Gladden Fields. It was quoted as:

"Though it was a long journey, each of the Dunedain carried in a sealed wallet on his belt a small phial of cordial and the wafers of a waybread that would sustain life in him for many days - not the miruvor or the lembas of the Eldar, but like them, for the medicine and other arts of the Numenor were potent and not yet forgotten. No belt or wallet was among the gear discarded by Isildur." ("Unfinished Tales, p.276")

"It was this passage that inspired me to try my hand (and Zan's kitchen!) at developing my "Waybread of the West". Microsoft's spell checker always wants to break waybread into two words - obviously, Bill Gates has never been to Middle-earth."

The photo-documentation are as thoughtful and beautiful as the final product, delivered in string-wrapped cylindrical boxes. Jim recounts his recipe and full description of his culinary journey in characteristically thorough and entertaining fashion, in a PDF he created as "a practical, helpful, and effective guide".

The context was a "mini LOTR... with just another couple. We watched "Born of Hope" and "The Hunt for Gollum". We had a fire and candles going, broke up the movie viewing with stew, apple crisp, and good visiting. We sent our friends home with similar boxes of waybread. It was a very nice evening indeed."

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