Jake & His Dad Rebuild a Car ~ Part 1

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July 2010. Jake writes:
I have a '66 Barracuda from Alabama that I got from my grandfather Thanksgiving 2007 as kind of a late birthday present, and it wasn't exactly in the best of shape.

So, we took it up to Wisconsin and cleaned the outside, and let it sit for the winter. The next spring we started work on it with me basically ripping out the entire interior, then getting new seat covers, headliner, and carpet and repainting the trim which went over the period of 2 years.
As the pictures show, it is a light blue car, paint code CC1, with a dark metallic blue interior -- the 2 year option only, '66 and '67. This was pretty much all that happened in '08.

Last year, we bought an 360/727 engine tranny combo from a neighbor for $500.

For about a month, all I did after we yanked the V-6 was clean that engine bay. Working weekends because of school. We got the car completely driveable by about the middle of July. And when trying to take off fast from a stop sign, I blew the trans up. Had to take the motor out again, it was hard enough getting it in and take the trans to a shop.

So, $700 dollars later, I have a new transmission and a $500 360 with a rod knock. (found that out a couple weeks ago...) I also have a new paint job by this point as of March. which is my avatar. Before this (transmission problem) happens I get an exhaust put on with 2 -1/4 inch pipes and generic flowmaster 40s. (not Flowmasters but sound the same)

(right & above) Squirrels got in my car in the fall since I was replacing the heater motor and core.

May 2010: door panels in, door locks finally connected. Drives but has a surge that worries my dad. Replace coil, still does it, replace Carter that was on there back with the Holley. Still does it.

$300 and new Edelbrock 1406 carb later, problem fixed.

I drive it to school the first day of the last, last week of school and get a $10 ticket for not having a permit.

Worth it? Yes.

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