Bill & Gabe's Excellent Adventure 3

Southwest Trip, Spring 2001

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Gabe and Bill/Lou took a vacation road trip in Spring 2001, after that hard, long winter. We needed someplace warm. Gabe is on a mission to see all 50 states, and Bill/Lou is fond of American Southwest, so that's where we went.

Now, Gabe likes the bright lights of the city. He particularly wanted to have the experience of driving through the dark of night over the hill into Las Vegas -- the sheer hydroelectric candlepower being emitted is said to be breathtaking. Bill/Lou on the other hand prefers camping and getting away from it all. So we had to build both extremes into our itinerary.

First stop, St. Louis. Well, fist stop was actually Paw Paw, Illinois. (Yep, that's it's real name.) Bill/Lou has a client there, an artist who's remodeling a solidly-built old granary into a workshop and studio.

(The petroguy at left is from one of the walking trails in Chaco Canyon. He'll be your guide through this tour of our trip)

The environs of one of our campsites...

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