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Jude took this series of photos of Paul as he successively shaved off a vacation beard into a goatee, then moustache...

Paul penned this poem while in his early 20's; Gabe read it during the funeral service at Gesu Church.

Maureen read this poem at the end of her eulogy.


Why do you look at me so?
What vision do you see?
I am what I have always been.
My form does not change.
Perhaps you see into my heart.
Yes, there is change there—
always growing,
expanding to encompass more ,
more of life about me:
new experiences.
If this vision frightens you.
      know that it frightens me also.
I know not where it will lead
       but I cannot stop here.
Grow I must
     or wither and die.
I pray you will understand
      and rejoice with me.

- Paul Jablonski

Ten Take Away One

You leaped
eager, headlong
from the watery, warm gloom
of your ark.

In all your hurry,
joy-child of my womb,
you must have caught
God's eye,

His smile filled
all my rooms.


- Marion Jablonski


Marion/Mom writes:

"This is the one I wrote a few weeks after [Paul's] birth but did not title until years later. AC convinced me to give him a copy about 2 years ago, which he framed and hung on his wall."

Also check out Paul's paean to Lake McDonald -- and Bob's witty afterword, by his own description part Robert Frost, part Paul Bunyan and a little Dr. Seuss.

The moon full over Paul's house.

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James writes:

"I composed a short toast in honor of Paul and am sending it to Greg, should he have an opportunity to offer one in Ireland from me.  I'm really glad Greg is going. Anyway, here's the toast, should there be a place to put it on the site. In honor of Paul and his dreams, I would raise a glass...


"To the makers of the music;
To the keepers of the dance. 
To those who help my soul sail;
To those who help me breathe the earth’s breath.
To Beauty!  To Wonder!  To Friendship!

Marion/Mom writes:

Hi, this is the fastest and easiest way to let all of you know of this lovely message from Katie, one of Paul's nurses at St. Mary's.  I invited her and the other nurses to the award ceremony on April 17. 

Love, Mom/Marion/Gramma

Wed, 7 Mar 2007
From: Katie Muhle

Hi Marion,
Thank you so much for sending me a copy of "The Lanes of Whimsy".   I've shared it with those at the hospital who took care of Paul, and everyone has really enjoyed reading his poetry.  Many of the poems brought tears to my eyes, so I can only imagine how you and your family felt when reading them!  And what a wonderful gift your friend did by putting together these poems to make this book. 
I think of you, your family, and Paul often, and wonder how you are all doing.  At the hospital, we sometimes refer to room 630 as "Paul's room", even though there have plenty of other people in that room since!  And once in a while, someone will mention something about "Tall Paul".  He is definately not forgotten at the hospital!! 
When I met you and your family at the hospital, I was amazed by all of you, and what kind and wonderful people you are.  I knew that Paul had to be just as amazing, and unfortunately, I never had the pleaure of knowing him like that.  While in the hospital, I felt that I was able to get to know him a bit through all of you guys, and at his funeral, I felt I knew him more.  Now, by reading his poetry, I feel like I've gotten to know him even more.  And I thank you for that.  I was really touched that you thought of me when you sent me his poetry.  It really meant a lot. 
Please keep in touch.  I would love to hear how all of you are doing.  And give my best to the rest of the family.
Take care.

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