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The seed for this trip was planted by Canadian singer/songwriter David Francey who, during his first Milwaukee show, offhandedly recalled playing a festival in "Maxville". Francey seemed to be saying that his quiet music may have been out of place amidst all the bagpiping. This was enough of a hint to send Bill/Lou to the internet, where he discovered that Maxville is a small Canadian village just North of the "point" at the top of New York state. And for the last 60+ years it's been the site of the annual Glengarry Highland Games, and the pipe band championships of North America.

Gabe & Bill/Lou made the trip in August 2006 to check out the Games.

A beuatiful Canadian sunset welcomed us to that kinder, gentler land. It foreshadowed the cool, perfect weather we enjoyed for our entire stay, a relief after the 100+ degree temperatures that most of the U.S. had been suffering for a week. Click here if you'd like to a download of this photo for your computer "desktop" or "wallpaper"...

We arrived early to the campground, and woke next morning to the ever present sound of bagpiping. By that afternoon we'd found the courage to don our kilts and walk unremarked amongst authentic wearers. Quite comfortable, actually. That's "Black Watch" tartan, named for the famous guardian regiment of Scotland.

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Home [] Bill & Gabe's [] Trip to Maxville [] Highland Games [] Pipe Bands [] 2008 Trip

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