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Chris reads Lord of the Rings every other year. To help create a menu for the event, she's recorded each mention of food throughout the story. We eat six meals during the day, as Hobbits do, which conventiently corresponds to the six disks of the DVDs. The frequent breaks are welcome, since we watch the extended versions of these films with a total running time of over eleven hours.

Jan poses with Zach and True next to her 2007 cake depicting a hobbit hole and the Party Tree.

Chris, Sue & Day whip up First Breakfast for sixteen.

Cakes seem to figure prominently over the years, from Jan's colorful "Bag End" cake (above) to Chris' "Bilbo's Birthday" cake, an accurate replica of the film's (left), and Bill/Lou's elaborate scale-model cake of Minas Tirith (below) from 2005.

Young Zach and Henry check out Pelannor Fields and the citadel of Minas Tirith, menaced by legions of animal cracker mumakil and teddy-graham orcs. The White Tower of Ecthelion is an oversized birthday candle, and the Gate is an embossed chocolate bar.

In 2007 Jude sent honeycomb from Pittsburgh in solidarity (seen next to salt & pepper shakers crafted by James), Mare brought fancy coffee, Day made the mushrooms and Stewed Coneys (aka rabbit stew), and Paul inspired varieties of Prancing Pony ale.

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The Fellowship of the DVD [] The Food [] The Accoutrements [] 2008 [] 2009
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