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Remembering Ron Fellenz

7 Sep 1930 ~ 12 Dec 2016


Ron was famously resistant to having any fuss made over his passing. No visitors, no funeral, no reception nor meal, no remembrance speeches, no interment ceremony, no headstone.

Nevertheless, for a little bit in June of 2017, a little group traveled to the plot of land that he built as his home, and remembered.

Chris filed this report:

Greetings to all,

Yesterday [21 June 2017, Summer Solstice] a group of us met at the Bolz's to deposit Ron's ashes and share stories of Ron.

From Milwaukee, Alisa, Jake and Mare, Greg and I all arrived by 10:30 AM. We met Dave Merrifield, Ron and Joanne Bolz. Their daughter Rebecca was there too; she is in the Marine Corp and home on leave.

Ron's original house is still there, but the whole place is so overgrown I would not recognize where I was on the property!

We spent awhile in their home and shared stories, laughed and remembered Ron who we all loved. Then we headed out on a long hike, heading for Ron's favorite oak tree.

At some points, the grass was taller than me. The Bolzs had leveled a trail for us before we arrived, by walking with snow shoes, to flatten out the grass for us.

We had to cross the creek at one point. We used to be able to see the crick ( as we called it) from a ways off but now you can't see it until you are next to it.

It wasn't an easy hike to Ron's favorite tree, an old Burr oak, located on the most western edge of the property, near all those pine trees we all helped plant so many years ago. (We figured it was 1967 or '68, that Spring that we spent the weekend there.) I remember those pines being about 12" high when we planted them, and they are a huge forest now.

We placed Ron's ashes at the base of the tree. After a few moments we headed back to the house. We thanked the Bolz's for their kindness in including us, and for their patience with us city slickers not used to hiking in the woods, and left for home.
~ Chris

[Click here and scroll down for some additional farm pictures that Chris snapped on the outing…]

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