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above: Big Louie took this photo of the barn at Fellenz's farm. It 's quite an old shot, as the shed (the roof is just visible in the foreground, lower right) was torn down some time before 1960.
below: A modern photo of Marion/Mom's childhood home (with a new owner) -- the Fellenz farm on the Middle Road, north of Port Washington, Wisconsin. Part of the barn, the granary, and the roof of the milk house are visible to the rear

Click for a large image with key places located...

above: Aerial view of the Fellenz farm environs captures many major childhood landmarks.
below: some Google shots of the appearance of the farm circa 2011

View arriving from Port Washington

View South down the Middle Road, back towards Port

The yard, now filled with implements, where we played baseball and other games

View down the lane, now paved

Visiting in 2017 Chris took some snapshots of more recent developments:
Main drag in Port Washington, on Lake Michigan St. Mary's Church, where Marion & Big Lou were married in 1948 the mill at the start of the Middle Road, near Knellsville
Farm, looking from the driveway.… …with new buildings and equipment, shed & stone barn, view from the lane
the original (re-built after the fire) farm house, close-up from the Middle Road… …and Federmeyer's field (formerly woods) north of the lane
driveway out to the reilroad tracks… …and going down the lane

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