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Jan’s Final Time

Jan J. Jablonski
10, 1955 ~ April 23, 2008

On April 23, '08, Chris wrote:

Dear Family and Friends,

Our beautiful Jan died this morning at about 8:30, at Mom’s house. She was very peaceful since she came to Milwaukee on Friday and slowly declined. Family members got the chance to stop by and say goodbye yesterday, she could hear us until the last minute it seemed. Last night her breathing gradually became shallower. Mom and I were just outside her room and talking quietly this morning and when Mom went in to check on her minutes later she had slipped away. She told her Door County doctor last winter that she wanted to see Spring, and she did. The very first daffodil in Mom’s yard had bloomed yesterday and was in her room. We will miss her gentle spirit and kind heart. But the beauty she brought into the world will remain, in all her art works, and in our memories of her lovely person.

A small memorial service is planned for Monday, April 28th [at] Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church [in] Milwaukee. Visitation at 4pm. (Jan wanted to be cremated and have no casket or public showing. We will have pictures of her and some of her artwork present). Mass at 5 PM and a light supper will be served afterwards at the church cafeteria next door.

All are welcome.

We will then plan a larger memorial service and burial for later in the spring or summer in Door County. She lived most of her life there and her many friends and colleagues there will be able to celebrate her life and art too.

Thanks so much for all the support extended to me and for all the prayers and love for Jan. She told me recently that she never felt so loved before in her life. Thanks also to her tremendous



Door County friends Pipka and Jennifer and for all the family and friends who gave so much to make this time of her life so peaceful and filled with love.


P.S. You may notice I changed the font for this email. Jan would have never written an email in Times New Roman if she could get something fancy like this one!

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