North American School of Witchcraft & Wizardry - NASCOWW

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The first NASCOWW Orientation Day of modern times happened on 23 July, 2011 C.E.

Day, Jude, James and Bill/Lou gathered together with a team of actors, collaborators and makers to bring to life a day of live action role playing ("LARP-ing") for 19 children, ages 8 to 15. The preparations took over a year and a half, and required all of the arts of humans and wizards alike.

The Day:
The 'faculty' met prospective wizarding students in Madison, Wisconsin, at our historical location, for a day of sample classes, exploring the grounds, and rigorous magical evaluation.

We have herein provided a (very) few details for Muggle parents and other authorities for their edification, illumination and mollification. Whereas we of course necessarily cannot divulge much, please enjoy these few exciting details!

There is a DVD in the works, and someday perhaps a comprehensive website treatment. 'Til then, click here for more...



Disclaimer: As we all know, here is no such thing as "magic". We must stress that its is a purely fictional event. No one should take this seriously. Pay no attention to this part of the JaboWeb.

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