North American School of Witchcraft & Wizardry - NASCOWW

Below are a few of the magical props for Orientation Day ~ only a fraction of the preparations. Most of the materials are throw-aways, recycled or thrift-store finds.

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We were incredibly fortunate to be allowed to use historic Bradley House as the venue for NASCOWW. Here we scout it.



The Trolley

Students can buy stamps, snacks and souvenirs from the Trolley. Glass jars hold drinks & sweets of many kinds; pennant, stickers and badges are advertised via moving pictures behind the front display window. This shot shows it nearly complete with the receipt-making machine on the top cantilevered shelf.

Maker note: The rolling oak cart began life in the 1970s as a basinette unit in a hospital baby ward.

The Trolley receipt system

In North America, our wizard money denominations are Dolleons and Counts. When students exchange Muggle money, or  purchase sweets, souvenirs or butter beer at the Trolley, or stamps from the Post Office, they receive a hand-written receipt, embossed via a hand-cranked machine.

The Floo Network

As a rather old facility, the floo network in NASCOWW goes down regularly. We know this because the magical maintenance staff purchased these signs in the 1960s and still puts them up on the fireplaces!

The topic does come up now and then at faculty meetings.... 


We are proud to feature Official School Wands provided by our exclusive Wandmaker from the Pacific Northwest. Students study descriptions of the qualities of various woods for shafts and handles that they were gifted.  Then, after a magical consultation with the Potions Master, they add components inside the hollow handles such as crystals, seeds, feathers, etc. For next year, portable wand display-storage cases will have many compartments inside for parts.

Nessie the NASCOWW

The School has a mascot (here shown as a cow-bank from St. Vincent's).  As the card says, Nessie embodies positive school qualities, as "thrifty, nifty and wise".  Put in a Count and make a wish.  Her cowbell sports the school crest.  More Cowbell!

Cabinet of Memories

An odd octagonal cabinet-on-a-pedestal and 6 wooden frames from an old treadle sewing machine - plus a bunch of wood scraps and thrift store finds - yielded an internally illuminated, clock-topped, lighthouse-shaped Cabinet of Memories for the Headmaster's office.

Vessel of Mist

Schools of witchcraft and wizardry differ in their pedagogical and organizational styles. NASCOWW has for many years enjoyed the keen interest and support of patrons, and in their honor students are "sorted" into groups of age and ability that somewhat reflect patrons' interests and skills. For sorting incoming classes we use the Vessel of Mist, created by patron Nikolai Tesla. 

Preparing for next year:


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