Day & Jesse in Amsterdam


Day and her friend Jesse, fresh out of high school in the summer of '97, toured Europe for some six weeks . Lou/Bill took a trip to Germany to meet some practicioners of ecological building techniques, and joined the brave travelers for a few days in Amsterdam.

(left) Day and Jesse stand like tourists before the famous museum (the name of which I am embarrassd to admit I forget, but which sounds something like "Riechsmuseum")

(below) Day with the bronze lizards.

(below) This square with a giant outdoor chess board honors a Dutch Grand Master, and seems continuously in play during any reasonable weather. Jesse got up the courage to challenge a local and played respectably well.

chess square


(above) Jesse sends an email from a street-side cyber-kiosk


(above) A typical canal in the old, central portion of Amsterdam.

(below) Lou/Bill, Day and Jesse, with the Amsterdam skyline in the background. We stand on the rooftop plaza of a spectacular museum in the harbor designed in the shape of a ship.

skyline trio

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