Gabe's Skydive, Summer 2001

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Gabe took a day of skydiving training before making that long walk to the plane. By his description, most of the training dealt with staying calm and figuring out what to do if the chute didn't open properly.

Gabe found this reassuring. Rather than being worried, he reported feeling comfortable and safe, remarking, " Hey, if the plane goes down, I'm wearing TWO parachutes!"

Three students dive per flight. When excessive windspeeds scuttled the first attempt, Gabe's group had to wait till the following day to dive.

Stepping off the strut into the air, in perfect form. The instructor throws out the small chute that will pull open the main one.

a second later, the main chute opens.. 

(below) via radio an on-ground instructor guides Gabe through his maneuvers, practicing steering towards the target and, eventually, stalling the chute to land.

(above) Seconds before landing Gabe came in standing, a few feet ftom the target. His fellow students also came down safely, though less gracefully in a nearby alfalfa field.

Gabe plans to jump again.

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