The Minocqua Mystery

...or Where's Big Louie?

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Louie - or sombody -- has left a clue. The original photographic print has an arrow drawn in blue ballpoint pen pointing to a face (blow-up at right). There's a larger version in sector 10

Trouble is, it doesn't look very much like Louie, even when he was 19. Click his picture at left if you'd like to see a bigger photo of Louie for reference. However, it would have been difficult for anyone to make a positive I.D. from the original photo, the faces are so tiny.

To make your own guess, we've scanned the group photo at high resolution and provided close-ups. The photo below is divided into 16 sectors. In order to zoom way in, click on the sector you wish to examine.

If you think that you've identified Louie, or even have just a guess, please email Bill/Lou or Marion/Mom with the sector number and face location.

Jan's guess is here in Sector 3. Whaddya think?


Click on a sector below to zoom in...

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