Lambeau Adventure with Marion & Alisa


Here is the tale of Marion and Alisa's most excellent adventure, as told by Alisa

Most of you know; but some may not, of the fabulous adventure that took Marion and Alisa to a Green Bay Packer's game Sunday, Sept 20th, 2009.  Though the "Pack" lost the game to the Bengals, it was a beautiful (hot) day and we were at Lambeau Field watching the PACKERS!!  ( I know not all of you are football nor Packer fans; but if you knew what a loyal and devoted fan Marion is…this was a BIG DEAL!)  I figure some of you southern ladies have spouses who could relate…

A Rare Opportunity

My company has 6 season tickets and every now and then, the tickets are distributed to employees.

Pre-game Indecision

When I heard that I could put my name in the hat for a drawing of two tickets (Friday afternoon), I immediately called Marion to see if she was interested in going with me if I won (the rule was that the employee had to go--I couldn't just sell them or pass them on.  She sounded torn; but finally said that she would "leave things as they were" by following through on the pre-arranged invite to Jude and Bob's house to watch the game on TV.  So….when I called her back to say I won the drawing for 2 tickets, she really hemmed and hawed and I could tell was very excited (I had to tell her to "please don't hyper-ventilate!"); but she didn't know what to do.  I said that I would take care of it and so called Jude and Bob directly.  Well, when Bob heard the fantastic news (Jude was checking out the back sides of her eyelids) he said that he most certainly would call Marion and tell her to go to the game with me -- other games will be on TV! And others were coming to watch so they wouldn't be lonely.  Marion called me back a little while later and was very glad to report that she would be coming with me to the game!

Anyway, here are a few pictures to prove we were there and what a lovely day it was.  You can mostly tell where our seats were from the stadium picture; but we were on the top row of the main section (just below the yellow railing).  The drive up was nice and didn't get too slow till the south side of De Pere.  By the time we parked and walked to the stadium, we were 10 minutes from kick-off. 

Play by Play
We sat next to two ladies (one was an employee from our warehouse across town) who knew everything about the game and were talking a mile a minute.  Marion enjoyed listening to them and asking questions as they always knew what all the ref's calls were for as they didn't miss anything!  On the other side of me was a young guy (mid-twenties) and his dad from our Columbus, WI plant. None of us had been to a game before, so that was really fun. 

Homeward Bound
After the game, we sat around and had something to eat while waiting for traffic to move out a bit.  Coming home was bumper to bumper <= 35 mph till almost Fond du Lac. But the rain held off till we were 10 minutes from the house.  It was a long day with a lot of walking; but what fun! 

Marion, have you recovered?  I hope you took it easy on Monday!


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