The Utopian Strip Mall

In 2012 we contributed The Utopian Strip Mall to the annual neighborhood Summer Bonfire festival in the SASY neighborhhod on Madison's EastSide. For more on the festival, visit the page on Winter and Summer Solstice celebrations…

Jude came in her Prefessor Remington persona, and brought many vintage typrwriters to set up as a full-on, interactive Type-In exhibit

Day brought the Red Tent, transformed for the event as Mz. Mimsy's Tabernacle of Tea. Interestingly, it was the pre-teen boys who seemed most attracted to the tea and perfume activities.


The camera is a handmade prop; it looks, folds and appears to operate like an antique view camera, but conceals a digital camera.

(left & below) Opa/Lou and Cyrus take photos of procession-eers and festival-goers in front of the big bonfire-sun photo backdrop


(below, left) Day and Jason help paint the backdrop beforehand.    
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