About the JaboWeb site...

The idea for a Jabo website was Jim's, long ago in the 20th century. I have no attachment whatsoever to being the family web-maintainer-- everyone is welcome to contribute, modify, comment, or take over. Almost all of us have an internet connection, so a family website seems like a good thing. And as of December '07, we have web space provided by Marion/Mom with our own JaboWeb domain name.

As this site grows, I hope you will find interesting things to add. I'm happy to post things on this site if you will take the initiative to pull something together. All this means is that if you've got photos, songs, stories, art or whatever, send 'em along and I'll see what I can do. They don't even need to be in digital form -- I'll take care of that part. Just email me or send things via postal mail.

If this seems helpful and enjoyable to you all, I'll keep doing it for a while longer...

~~ Lou/Bill



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