The Oklahoma Casino


AC writes, in Ocotber 2015:

We had previously asked Marion if she had ever been in a casino. Her answer was no so after church today Howard took us to a lavish 5 story state-of-art Apache Hotel/Casino where we had a marvelous buffet with everything imaginable including all kinds of seafood in addition to all the beef, chicken and fish dishes, veggies, fruits, and desserts anyone could desire. Howard was eating oysters on the half shell and Marion decided to try one. Like AC, she didn't care for it, but Howard felt right at home since he is from Maryland and grew up eating all kinds of shellfish. (In case you are wondering, Apaches are an Indian tribe and when you are in their hotels/casinos you are actually in the Apache Nation, which is sovereign. Once you get off their land you are back in Oklahoma or whatever state in which they have a gaming facility.)

After lunch we took her into the casino because she said she'd never been inside one of them. We don't frequent casinos, but they are so different than they were 20 or more years ago. No more hand pulled levers, but then of course you all knew that! Everything is electronic. Long story short.... we gave Marion a few $1 bills to play with and within minutes she had won $64.01. She immediately cashed in because it's good to quit when you are ahead. We were all ecstatic. You would have thought she won a million dollars. Naturally she wanted to give her winnings back to us, but it was her "play money" and something we were determined that she keep. We teased her about her prowess at winning within her first 5 minutes of play. You can see from the expression on her face how excited was was.

From there we went for a drive through Ft. Sill. Her brother Jerry had been stationed here during WWII so it has significance for Marion. Ron had also visited his brother Jerry when Jerry was stationed here, so when Ron came through Lawton a few years ago and spent the night with us, we also took him onto the post. ---- Because of all the current concern over terrorism and also because Ft. Sill is the largest Artillery Center in the world, the security is extremely tight at all military bases in the U.S. now. Locals can't even get access to Ft. Sill without special passes designating why you need to be on the post and how long you will be there. All three of us wanted to drive onto the post to see a new 30 million dollar elementary school which has just been completed with federal funds so we filled out all the necessary forms and were totally checked out electronically before being admitted on to the post. We just got home from that venture and now she and Howard are glued to the television watching the Packers-Chargers football game. So as we say in this part of the country, she is "in hog heaven."

I think you can tell that Marion is having the time of her life. She has a wonderful appetite, is sleeping well and eager for each day's adventures. Since yesterday was such a busy one with the drive up to the top of Mt. Scott and then the picnic and today's activities, we'll send Howard back to work tomorrow and just have a lazy day. It will be in the low 80s all week long which Marion loves.

Greetings from all of us to all of you!
AC, H, and M

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