Welcome to Kadon James Amos!


(above) Kadon enjoying Patty Cake with Zan.

James writes: We took Dori, and Kinta, and Kadon out for lunch/dinner. The staff was great and even sung a rousing birthday song to her. Good times were had by all.

On the happy day, James wrote:

"Greetings All!
Dorion successfully delivered "Kadon James Amos" yesterday afternoon.  This was a difficult birth for her but she did very, very well.  Kadon is very cute and joined us at 12:02 PM, 9 July 2006, weighing in at 7 pounds, 9 ounces and 20 inches tall (though he hasn't tried standing quite yet.)"

above: Four Years old, Oct '10, near Capitol Lake, Olympia, Washington

below: Riding the "Wonder Horse" which Zan rode herself as a child

below: At the pumpkin patch


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