2007 Family Calendar


Jude has designed a 2007 Family Calendar and it's now available!

It's in PDF format for easy downloading and printing...

Suggested instructions for making a wall-hanging calendar:
  1. Print out the calendar on white cardstock.
  2. Punch three evenly-spaced holes along the bottom of the image pages and along the top of the calendar month pages.
  3. Use metal rings to join together.

Want to include different images in your calendar?

  1. Just print out only the calendar month pages.
  2. Then, for image pages, open a program such as Word, WordPerfect, or AppleWorks,
  3. Use the "landscape" setting for the page set up.
  4. Insert your own photos/images and print out.
  5. If you want to share your calendar version, send a copy to the JaboWeb, and we'll include it here too!


Download Calendar Now!

888K PDF

Comments? lou@designcoalition.org
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